Musha Cay

Dave's Drive-in

To reawaken warm memories, Musha Cay has created a state-of-the-art giant outdoor movie theater on Coconut Beach.

At Dave’s Drive-In, the car seats of old have been replaced by ultra-comfortable chaise lounges, the air is a lot fresher, and the stars are much more brilliant. Before setting out for the Drive-In, guests receive a personal note in their rooms from Mr. Copperfield that reads: “One of the most magical things for me when I was a kid was when my Mom and Dad would take me to the drive-in. Dad would pack us into his ’61 Chevy, me in my pajamas with the feet in the bottom, nuzzled between my parents.” At Musha Cay, instead of “feet-in-the-bottom” pajamas, guests dig their toes into the warm Caribbean sand, creating memories for a lifetime.

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