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Beyond Unexpected

Musha Cay® is a place where adventures across the archipelago blend with unique dining and drinking experiences, and nature shape shifts to make each day different than the last. Welcome to your own private archipelago. Welcome to the unexpected. Welcome to Musha Cay.




the islands

The only private archipelago of 11 islands available to rent anywhere in the world

Musha Cay is your own personal playground in the Bahamas. With 40 private beaches spread across 700 acres, it’s exclusively for you and 24 of your closest friends and family to discover and explore. 

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Interactive Adventures only
a world-class illusionist can imagine

Of course we have all the expected experiences and amenities of a private island in the Caribbean. But there’s only one David Copperfield, who uses Musha Cay as a test lab for his creative pursuits, then shares these unexpected adventures with you and your guests. 

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next-level private

Purposely under the radar

There’s a mystique to the 11 islands of the Musha Cay archipelago. And we’re intentionally vague about everything there is to do and see here because visiting is like being part of an exclusive club. The greatest surprise is coming here not knowing what to expect and then having those expectations blown away.

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nature and wildlife

A place where nature knows how to put on a show

Throughout the Musha Cay archipelago and beyond, the incredible natural beauty of the Bahamas shines. Open your ears to simple pleasures like the songs of birds you’ve never heard before, step foot on an island teeming with curious Iguanas, or take a jetski ride out to a two-mile seasonal sand bar that appears for a few hours, then disappears as the tide rises. Nature definitely knows how to put on a show here.

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Five private homes for you and only you

Proudly standing high atop a hill, nestled into the foliage along the beach, or sitting at the end of the island away from everyone and everything, our five homes are each unique in their decor and location.

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Pier House
Beach House
Blue Point
Palm Terrace
Map of the Location of Musha Cay

Close by,
yet world's away

Exuma International Airport in the Bahamas is less than 1.5 hours flight from Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Nassau. From there it’s a short charter flight or boat ride. Or fly directly to the Island. No matter how you choose to get here, Musha Cay is closer than you think. 

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a message from

David Copperfield

“Welcome to Musha Cay and our archipelago of 11 private islands. Everything truly magical that I’ve ever experienced, everything that has created wonder for me, we’re recreating here at Musha Cay. I invite you to add the magic of your presence here, for an experience like nowhere else on Earth.”